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About KWK

KWK Resistors originated from the futuristic vision and collaborative efforts of 2 large corporations from different parts of the world. It is a Joint Venture that was forged in 2013 between:

The Partners

To symbolize the perfect amalgamation of the 3 parent companies, the name KWK Resistors was chosen, taking one letter from each of them.

KS Instruments Group has been a leading power resistor manufacturer in India since 1979. With India being one of the fastest growing large economies, there was a potential to build a world leader in the power resistors segment if the company could foray into Automotive, Railways and very high power applications.

That is when the idea of KSI Group forming a strategic partnership with and Krah group was born. Krah is a leading resistor manufacturers in Europe. Krah is among the world’s largest automotive and industrial resistor designers and manufacturers.

The local holding company KSI group also completed the acquisition of EMIS Pvt Ltd, a market leader in the field of EMI Solutions. This gives customers of both companies a larger product base and support!

Thomas Klein

KRAH Management Team

Christian Herman

KRAH Management Team

KRAH Gruppe


KWK Resistors

partnership with KRAH Gruppe, Germany

Largest Power Resistor Manufacturer

As a testimony to their grand vision, KWK resistors has achieved a remarkable 6 fold growth within 5 years of inception, showing a rapid increase in market share. KWK already holds the distinction of being one of the largest manufacturers of Power Resistors in India.

KWK’s design and manufacturing process is geared to constantly foster innovation within the current technology framework such as achieving tighter tolerances, smaller volumes and higher insulations. The ULS series of Ultra Low Profile Slim Resistors is a prime example, having the distinction of being one of the slimmest power resistors in the industry.

One thing that has remained constant in the KWK growth story is the thorough understanding of the customer’s requirements. We believe in listening keenly to their needs and delivering customised solutions to perfectly match that need.

Quick Facts -

  • 50+

    Million Resistors Manufactured

  • 4+

    Awards/ Recognitions

  • 1000+

    Person-year of experience

  • 8+

    Industry categories

  • 50+

    Million Resistors Manufactured

  • 50+

    Awards/ Recognitions

  • 1000+

    Person-year of experience

  • 8+

    Industry categories

Statistics at a glance:

  • 29% CAGR between 2015-2018
  • Over 55% business is export oriented as of 2018
  • JV partners hold over 40 years of design and manufacturing expertise
  • Resistance range supported - fraction of a watt to hundreds of kiloWatts

The Process

  • 1. Requirement

    The engineering team engages extensively with the customer representatives to understand the customer requirement. More

  • 2. Design

    During the internal design process, the design inputs are evaluated through strict ISO standards to produce a comprehensive design output. More

  • 3. Validation

    The resistor design and integrated product solution is then validated thoroughly, to meet customer requirements.

  • 4. Manufacture

    KWK has developed a very flexible and efficient in house manufacturing facility. The process can be tuned to support low volumes or short lead times.

  • 5. Delivery

    KWK can arrange for the product to be shipped through its own forwarders or work with customer nominated forwarders.

Ethics and Compliance

Ethical Leadership

At KWK, the interests of customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders are given priority over other considerations. The company has built and nurtured long term partnerships (decades long, considering KSI Group) with customers and suppliers.

The company leadership firmly believes in setting and practising high standards of integrity, firm commitment to set goals and building mutually rewarding relationships.

Apart from business success, the company is also highly committed to fulfilling corporate social responsibility and environmental conservation. We strictly maintain our compliance to governmental regulations and tax obligations.


KWK Resistors is an ISO9001 certified company. We are audited and approved by most of the top multinational companies for our design and manufacturing processes. EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) audits are also held periodically in our premises.

All components manufactured at KWK are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. Our product deliveries can cater to compliance standards of REACH and WEEE, depending on the customer’s specific needs. Many of our product ranges are CE marked.

All the waste and scrap produced are responsibly disposed through relevant agency approved vendors. Read More

Employee welfare

A large number of KWK employees are also long term veterans and highly valued members of the KWK family. We take particular care of the professional growth and personal welfare of all our employees.

We ensure our employees skills are continuously enriched through on-going training and skill development programs. Employee engagement programmes like Kaizen and other team building initiatives are conducted periodically.

We take our employee safety very seriously. All the safety gear applicable for every station is exhaustively listed and strictly enforced. Read More

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