Automotive & Transit

automotive In the automotive industry, power resistors have very varied applications. They are extensively used in two wheelers, cars, commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles, electric vehicles and also in railway locomotives and avionics.

The different functions performed by resistors in automotives include:

  • Engine Cooling
    Wire wound resistors used for fast and efficient cooling with or without a heat sink

  • Electric Power Steering
    Current Sense resistors or shunt resistors used for accurately measuring current to the motor to determine torque and steering angle
  • Dynamic Braking
    Braking resistors used for variable speed drive systems in all automobiles and locomotives to aid rapid / continuous braking and rapid slow down / reversing
  • Noise suppression
    Wire-wound resistors used for automotive ignition systems to reduce Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) caused by electrical discharges
  • Vehicle Air Conditioning
    Blower motor variable resistors used to control the fan speed and regulate air conditioning
  • Battery Testing
    Thin film resistors and load banks used for reliability testing
  • Battery power regulation
    Current Sense resistors used for delivering high battery power at engine ignition

Why KWK?

KWK Resistors India, through a JV with Krah Group, Germany and Widap, Switzerland provides resistive solutions for a wide range of Automotive and Rail applications – including:

  • Noise suppressor resistors for two wheelers
  • HVAC and Engine cooling resistors for conventional fuel cars
  • Precharge/ Discharge, Battery heating and Liquid cooled resistors for Electric vehicles
  • Resistor load banks for reliability testing of batteries
  • Braking resistors for Rail and metro systems
  • Punched grid and Vitreous enameled resistors for various Railway electrical systems
  • We have collaborative design and in-house manufacturing expertise to meet the challenging and constantly evolving demands of this critical industry. We provide resistive solutions to all the various functions in the automotive industry under one roof, with high quality and reliability standards.