Product Catalogue

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, KWK provides many options to obtain the proper information. From a basic inventory search to technical resources, KWK strives to assist customers in selecting or locating the proper KWK product for their needs.

Product Download
Elevators and Cranes Industry Products Brochure KWK-ELEVATORS-CRANES.pdf
KHA - Gold Al. Housed Molded KHA_CAT01_01.pdf
KABR - Metal Clad Braking Resistor - Nominal Power KABR_CAT02_01.pdf
KAHB - Metal Clad Braking Resistor - High Power KAHB_CAT07_01.pdf
KSAH - Metal Clad Braking Resistor - Slim Type KSAH_CAT09_02.pdf
ULS - Ultra Slim Resistors - Aluminium Housed Resistors ULS_CAT30_R01.pdf
KCBR - Dynamic Braking Resistor KCBR_CAT03_01.pdf
ALPHA - ALPHA Load Series ALPHA_CAT29_00.pdf
KSR - Silicon Coated Resistors - Radial Type KSR_CAT04_02.pdf
KVR - Vitreous Enamelled Resistors KVR_CAT11_01.pdf
KSE - Radial Type Edge Wound KSE_CAT12_00.pdf
KSA - Silicon Coated Resistors - Axial Type KSA_CAT05_01.pdf
KVA - Vitreous Enamelled Resistors - Axial Type KVA_CAT31_R01.pdf
KSW - WWR Epoxy Coated KSW_CAT14_00.pdf
KSM - Axial Type, Mor. Element KSM_CAT13_01.pdf
KMF - Metal Film Axial Resistors KMF_CAT15_00.pdf
KCF - Carbon Film Resistors KCF_CAT17_00.pdf
KCA - Ceramic Encased Axial KCA_CAT18_00.pdf
KCV - Ceramic Encased Vertical KCV_CAT19_00.pdf
KHVS - High Voltage Surge Resistors KHVS_CAT28_00.pdf
KMG - Metal Glaze Resistors KMG_CAT23_00.pdf
KSMW - Wire Wound Chip Resistor KSMW_CAT21_00.pdf
KSMF - Metal Film Chip Resistor KSMF_CAT22_00.pdf
KCTK - Thick Film Chip, SMT KCTK_CAT16_00.pdf
KCTN - Thin Film Chip, SMT KCTN_CAT20_00.pdf
KZO - Zero OHM Jumper Resistors KZO_CAT25_00.pdf
KLO - Low Ohm Current Sense Resistor KLO_CAT24_00.pdf
SHM - Anti Condensation Panel Heaters - Strip Type MS SHM_CAT26_00.pdf
SHS - Anti Condensation Panel Heaters - Strip Type SS SHS_CAT27_00.pdf
BH - Anti Condensation Panel Heaters, Box Type BH_CAT06_01.pdf