KWK Resistors is a global market leader in resistor solutions with satisfied customers all over the world. High power resistors, Braking resistors, Thin Film, Wire wounds, Punched Grids, Metal Clad resistors - whatever the type of resistor solutions you are looking for, you will find them with us. Our solutions can cater to a broad spectrum of power requirements - from a fraction of a watt to hundreds of kilowatts.

With world class design and manufacturing capabilities in-house, we excel in understanding our customer’s needs and delivering customized solutions to suit them perfectly. An industry pioneer with over 40 years of experience, KWK resistors is a Joint Venture between three leading Power Resistor manufacturers - K S Instruments Pvt Ltd India, Krah Group Germany, and Widap Switzerland.

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Products By Application

Power Range: 5W - 5000W

Resistance Range: 0.1Ω - 100KΩ

Power Range: 2W - 5000W

Resistance Range: 0.1Ω - 150KΩ

Power Range: 5W - 1MW

Resistance Range: 0.1Ω - 100KΩ

Power Range: 5W - 1000W

Resistance Range: 0.1Ω - 100KΩ

Resistance Range: 2MΩ - 200MΩ

Note* - The power ranges indicted are for std catalogue series only. Higher powers can be custom designed with ease.

Industry Solution

Resistors for Elevator Market

One of the key features of elevators is the need to be very fast, accurate and smooth with braking systems. This kind of braking with very high reliability is achieved by using Dynamic Braking Resistors (DBR). Elevators support one only dimensional movement(up or down) and may carry empty load to full capacity.

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Featured Power Resistors

  • Metal Clad Braking Resistor - Nominal Power
  • Power Range - 60W to 1000W
  • Resistance Range - 0.2 to 2K
  • Dynamic Braking Resistor
  • Power Range - 500W to 12000W
  • Resistance Range - 2.8 to 250
  • Metal Clad Braking Resistor - High Power
  • Power Range - 1250W to 5000W
  • Resistance Range - 2R0 to 2K2
  • Silicon Coated Resistors - Radial Type
  • Power Range - 25W to 1000W
  • Resistance Range - 1R0 to 100K

Component Finder Tools

Braking Resistor Calculator

To calculate the right size of the resistor you need the characteristic data of the load cycle: brake time or duty cycle and the total cycle time. Furthermore you need the brake power Pbr and the minimum resistance value Rmin which is defined by the VFD.


Discharge Resistor Calculator

Resistors are an important part of capacitor charge and discharge circuits. At the start of an application where the capacitor has to be charged and a voltage is applied across a capacitor, initially it appears like a short circuit.


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Aluminium Housed Power Resistors


KWK Resistors manufactures extremely stable, high quality Aluminium Housed Power Resistors capable of dissipating high power in a limited space with relatively low surface temperature…

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Resistive Loadbanks – Rack Mountable & Table Top, Technical Specifications and Industry Applications


Load banks are electrical testing equipment that are used to simulate a typical electrical load for the purpose of testing an electrical power source such as a generator,…

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