Product Catalogue

To ensure the setisfaction of our customers, KWK provides many options to obtain the proper information. From a basic inventory search to technical resources, KWK strives to assist customers in selecting or locating the proper KWK product for their needs.

Product Download
KHA - Gold Al. Housed Molded KHA_CAT01_01.pdf
KABR - Metal Clad Braking Resistor - Nominal Power KABR_CAT02_01.pdf
KAHB - Metal Clad Braking Resistor - High Power KAHB_CAT07_01.pdf
KSAH - Metal Clad Braking Resistor - Slim Type KSAH_CAT09_02.pdf
ULS - Ultra Slim Resistors - Aluminium Housed Resistors ULS_CAT30_R01.pdf
KCBR - Dynamic Braking Resistor KCBR_CAT03_01.pdf
ALPHA - ALPHA Load Series ALPHA_CAT29_00.pdf
KSR - Silicon Coated Resistors - Radial Type KSR_CAT04_02.pdf
KVR - Vitreous Enamelled Resistors KVR_CAT11_01.pdf
KSE - Radial Type Edge Wound KSE_CAT12_00.pdf
KSA - Silicon Coated Resistors - Axial Type KSA_CAT05_01.pdf
KVA - Vitreous Enamelled Resistors - Axial Type KVA_CAT31_R01.pdf
KSW - WWR Epoxy Coated KSW_CAT14_00.pdf
KSM - Axial Type, Mor. Element KSM_CAT13_01.pdf
KMF - Metal Film Axial Resistors KMF_CAT15_00.pdf
KCF - Carbon Film Resistors KCF_CAT17_00.pdf
KCA - Ceramic Encased Axial KCA_CAT18_00.pdf
KCV - Ceramic Encased Vertical KCV_CAT19_00.pdf
KHVS - High Voltage Surge Resistors KHVS_CAT28_00.pdf
KMG - Metal Glaze Resistors KMG_CAT23_00.pdf
KSMW - Wire Wound Chip Resistor KSMW_CAT21_00.pdf
KSMF - Metal Film Chip Resistor KSMF_CAT22_00.pdf
KCTK - Thick Film Chip, SMT KCTK_CAT16_00.pdf
KCTN - Thin Film Chip, SMT KCTN_CAT20_00.pdf
KZO - Zero OHM Jumper Resistors KZO_CAT25_00.pdf
KLO - Low Ohm Current Sense Resistor KLO_CAT24_00.pdf
SHM - Anti Condensation Panel Heaters - Strip Type MS SHM_CAT26_00.pdf
SHS - Anti Condensation Panel Heaters - Strip Type SS SHS_CAT27_00.pdf
BH - Anti Condensation Panel Heaters, Box Type BH_CAT06_01.pdf